Since 2014, Mnemosyne Quartet has been dedicated to multimedia collaboration, commissioning composers, and developing a distinctive language of crafted improvisation inspired by the environments with which they perform.  


Michael Miller is the Artistic Director for Mnemosyne Quartet. 

Most recent projects he has led:

Anomalous City     
     Anomalous City was Mnemosyne Quartet’s idea a two hour long show of new music in an expansive space. Our initial idea was to create a continuous two hour performance that took multiple environments and superimposed them onto a city landscape. We also wanted to map those sounds throughout the park. 

     The a result of creating a three-dimensional space was that it ended up interacting with the city itself. The music could be faintly heard on the streets below, adding to the natural environment. The sounds not indigenous to the city, like animals from the zoo, were merged with city life. Likewise, we could hear the sounds of the city on the rooftop. Police sirens, flocks of birds and the cicadas hiding in the grass influenced what we played, and how the listeners perceived their environment. We used birdsong, cars, trains, and heavy machinery in our pieces, but it was great that those sounds came from the streets below us too. With this event, we were able to achieve a fully immersive performance.

Analog Drift 

Analog Drift has 13 performers, surround sound, and three projections. It is an immersive performance installation that tells the story of an artificial intelligence and its journey to learn the audio-visual language of its creators. The AI decodes audio-visual data in order to synthesize its own creative voice. As the AI learns, it starts a dialog with the performers and eventually collaborates along side its creators. 

Analog Drift represents the work of four collaborators who learned to reconcile disparate ideas in order to arrive at a single shared artistic vision. We have worked to develop a story that is based upon how we approach learning, and how memory affects what we come to expect of the future.

It features: Mnemosyne Quartet, Eric Souther (video artist), and Ensemble of Irreproducible Outcomes.