Featured Performance Installations and Multimedia Works

KC Performing Media Festival

Composer Michael Miller and video artist Eric Souther, in conjunction with Charlotte Street Foundation, presented: KC PMF an evening of audio-visual works, performed by improvisational electronica quartet, Mnemosyne. This event combined the unusual and eclectic spirit of Kansas City’s performing arts scene with national contributors and ideas. The evening opened with Michael and Eric’s piece Entangled Ecologies.

Fragmented Realities

Mnemosyne Quartet with video artist Eric Souther present Fragmented Realities, an immersive performance installation, where the sonic properties and the iconic imageries of favorite Kansas City locales were recontextualized in La Esquina. These environments were enhanced and augmented through electronic manipulation and live improvisation. Those in attendance were given the option to participate in the performance, by streaming and projecting a unique audio track from their mobile devices.

Analog Drift.   

Analog Drift has 13 performers, surround sound, and three projections. It is an immersive performance installation that tells the story of an artificial intelligence and its journey to learn the audio-visual language of its creators. The AI decodes audio-visual data in order to synthesize its own creative voice. As the AI learns, it starts a dialog with the performers and eventually collaborates along side its creators. 

It features: Mnemosyne Quartet, Eric Souther (video artist), and Ensemble of Irreproducible Outcomes. 


MicroChromatic is an interactive performance installation exploring the relationship between various modes of sensory perception. Participants will experience fifteen minutes of total sonic and visual immersion inside the optochamber – a compartment specifically designed to merge the separate senses by attempting to nullify the boundaries between them.


Recent Performance Installations and Multimedia Works

2016     Fragmented Realities: Multimedia work. This work was co-created with video artist Eric Souther. I functioned as composer and artistic director. This piece also features an interactive mobile app that allows for audience participation.

2016     Transient Harmony: Performance Installation. Mnemosyne Quartet, interactive performance on the Kansas City Street Car, with a sound installation at 14th St. Northbound and 9th St. Southbound Street Car Stations, 4 channels and a mobile app that streamed digital content.

2015     Anomalous City: Performance Installation. Mnemosyne Quartet with Zach Shemon.  Sound Installation at Prairie Logic, six channels.

2015     Analog Drift: Multimedia work. This project was co-created with video artist Eric Souther. I served as Musical Director, composer, and bass clarinetist on the project. Musical Participants included: Eli Hougland: electronics; Russell Thorpe: composer, saxophone; Brian Padavic: bass; Ryan Oldham: trumpet; David McIntire: clarinet, electronics; Joshua Wise: cello and studio engineer; Derek Shapiro: conductor

2015     Construction Number 1: Performance Installation. Mnemosyne Quartet. Installed at the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art. May 15, 2015.

2014     Migratory Sounds: Performance Installation. Mnemosyne Quartet. Sound Installation at Oppenstein Brothers Memorial Park, 4 channels.            

2013     Microchromatic: Multimedia performance Installation. This project was co-created with visual artist Carmen Moreno. I served as both executive director and music director for the project.  Other musicians included composers Eli Hougland, Brad Van Wick, and saxophonist Russell Thorpe.  Carmen Moreno served as Artistic director, assisted by video artists Eric Souther and Dan Goggin.  
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Recent Compostions:

2018     Entangled Ecologies: 3 performers and electronics

2018     Guthrie Songs: Female Vocal Quartet

2017     Glutinous Rydeen: Viola and Baritone Saxophone

2016     Story Time With Russell: Something Wicked This Way Come: narrator, alto saxophone, bass clarinet, live processing, and fixed media.

2015     Nicodeums! The Beds are Burning Again: Concerto for Piano and Chamber Orchestra.

2015     Copper Birds: Amplified trio for: violin, viola, and cello.

2015     My Trip to The Kansas City Zoo: flute, 2 alto saxophones, baritone saxophone, bass clarinet, fixed media.

2014     Arapaima: bass clarinet and erhu

2013     Mantis: bass clarinet, zheng, Banjo with analog effects, percussion.

2010     Cows: flute, bass clarinet, violin, cello, and vibraphone.



2018     Bill Shaltis, Percussion Solo, Memphis, TN

2017     Quince Contemporary Vocal Ensemble, Amanda DeBoer Bartlett, director, Chicago, IL.

2016     Patchtax, Viola and Baritone Saxophone, Boston, MA.

2015     Keith Kirchoff and the Midwest Chamber Ensemble, Keith Kirchoff piano, Steve Lewis, director, Kansas City, MO.

2014     Music From China, Susan Cheng, director, New York, NY

2014     Nelson Atkins Museum of Fine Art and Chen Yi, through conservatory Connections, Kansas City, MO.

2010     California Ear Unit, Las Angeles, CA

2007     Katrin Meidell, Viola and Piano, Muncy, IN.

2005     Malcome Peyton’s Composer Series, Guitar, Amplified String Quartet and Percussion, Boston, MA

2004     Oklahoma State Chamber Choir, 8 piece a capella choir, Stillwater, OK.